It’s summer, it’s time for the Greek Festival!

For the art lovers, summer is the best period for vacations in Greece. Apart from the beautiful weather, the deep blue seas and the amazing Mediterranean delicacies, summer gives them the opportunity to enjoy various festivals and especially the well-known performances in the ancient Greek theaters.
The Greek Festival is the most important festival in Greek summer. During the festival, so many famous singers and orchestras from all over the world are gathering together in Athens and the Peloponnese to perform. Audience can choose between Greek and international music, dance shows and theater plays during the dates of the festival.

The two great venues

The Odeon of Herodes Atticus

The Odeon of Herodes Atticus is located on the southwest slope of the Acropolis of Athens. It was built in 161 AD by the Athenian magnate Herodes Atticus in memory of his wife, Aspasia Annia Regilla.
It was originally a steep-sloped theater with a three-story stone front wall and a wooden roof made of expensive, cedar of Lebanon timber. It was used as a venue for music concerts with a capacity of 5,000.

Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

The ancient theatre of Epidaurus was designed by Polykleitos the Younger in the 4th century BC. It seats up to 14,000 people. The theatre is admired for its exceptional acoustics, which permit almost perfect intelligibility of unamplified spoken words from the proscenium or skēnē to all 14,000 spectators, regardless of their seating.
Famously, tour guides have their groups scattered in the stands and show them how they can easily hear the sound of a match struck at center-stage. A study indicates that the astonishing acoustic properties may be the result of the advanced design: the rows of limestone seats filter out low-frequency sounds, such as the murmur of the crowd, and amplify high-frequency sounds from the stage.

The Greek Festival

What is the Greek Festival? A great celebration that has lasted 56 summers, and that has hosted some of the leading lights of theatre, music and dance.
From Mitropoulos and Callas to Rostropovich, Pavarotti, Leonidas Kavakos and Dimitris Sgouros. From Theodorakis and Hadjidakis to Savvopoulos, Protopsalti, Dalaras and Marinella…
Even you can enjoy Beijing opera and Kun qu in this festival!

The other venues

Apart from the 2 major venues, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus and Epidaurus theater, the Greek Festival organizes also concerts and shows in other venues such as: Peiraios 260, Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus, Athens School of Fine Arts, National Theater of Greece, Greek National Opera, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation and many others.
The Greek Festival is a unique opportunity for you to live the experience of an ancient drama play in its origins and discover the eternal beauty of Greek culture during your holidays.

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