The 7 most attractive classic Italian street foods

Good food is always a good reason to visit a country. But if you want to “lose yourself” in the magic of flavors, you should definitely visit the queen of food destinations, Italy!
Here, simplicity is combined with high levels of knowledge and product quality, creating amazing delights, available every hour of the day. Let’s see the “must try” foods while in Italy.

1、Sicily Arancini

Fried food is always a guarantee of deliciousness, and these rice balls only prove this point.
“Arancini” in Italian means little orange, because that’s how it looks like. Imagine crisped risotto stuffed with melting cheese, peas and minced meat, and you’ll have an inkling of just how incredible this street food really is.

2、Cannoli Sicily

You’ve probably already fallen for these ricotta-filled pastries, but the authentic Sicilian version is well worth the trek.
With small pieces of candied fruits, particularly lemon, orange, citron and cherry mixed into the cream and sometimes pistachios or chocolate chips, cannoli are worshipped in the street food pantheon, especially in their homeland, Palermo. Ogle, indulge and repeat.

3、Frutta di Martorana

Frutta di Martorana are traditional marzipan sweets, in the form of fruits and vegetables, from the provinces of Palermo and Messina Sicily. These cute and colorful sweets are made from almond paste.

4、Sicily Sicilian gelato

Sicilian gelato is made from a crema rinforzata base: milk, cornstarch and sugar, which means it’s much less creamy and a lot more flavorful than run-of-the-mill ice cream.
It is not expensive but the taste is luxurius. Savor it in a brioche bun to achieve premium foodie status.

5、Pesce Fritto al Cono

Yet another (truly) shining example of deep-fried deliciousness, this paper cone filled with fried seafood makes us want to hit the coast right this second. If you want to taste the most fresh seafood, please wake up earlier.

6、Crema fritta

Got a sweet tooth? These hunks of deep-fried custard cream are the dolcissima indulgence you’ve been waiting for. Like all the best Italian desserts, they’re gooey on the inside and crispy on the outside.
Score them in paper cones so you can wander along the Venetian canals as you snack; they’ll make a memorable moment that much sweeter.


Italians create some of the world’s most crowd-pleasing comfort foods, but they’re also skilled at making more adventurous fare — and their famed lampredotto is not for the faint of heart.
This street food classic consists of cow stomach cooked in a tomato broth with herbs, and it’s often served on a bun as a “panino con lampredotto”.

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