What We Offer

My Odyssey caters to the demanding connoisseur, the ultimate thrill seeker; and guarantees a once in a lifetime experience. It is not just a trip, but a voyage, an odyssey of the senses that will leave you wanting more – and wanting to come back.

About My Odyssey

Following an itinerary through lands and seas – just like Odysseus – the mythical hero king of Ithaca and the main character of the ancient Greek Homeric poem “Odyssey”, as My Odyssey guests you will meet people, come in contact with new customs and traditions, with the past and the present of the birthplace of the western civilization; you will share new but unexpectedly familiar sensations; it is a trip that My Odyssey promises to make a life experience. Actually, isn’t this the essence of traveling?

As our guests you are able to choose among a variety of themed destinations to select from; visits through history, wine tasting at volcanic vineyards, sailing among stunning landscapes to mention a few. One of our specialties is arranging special private events, such as a wedding ceremony in unique and absolutely romantic locations, a unique yacht tip in the Aegean, special cooking classes with famous chefs and much more.

We can arrange any kind of activities during your trip to Greece; from a simple guided visit to Acropolis to cooking classes in an authentic local house with private chef and much, much more. Our creativity is beyond any limit. My Odyssey provides you the perfect design of your trip, the best organized itinerary and the top personalized service before, during and after your journey.

About My Odyssey

Our aim in My Odyssey is to design the best trip, according to your special needs and preferences. This is why, after receiving a request from you, we will contact you in order to give us all the relevant details that we help create a memorable, unique trip just for you. You can also choose one of our itineraries and we will adjust it according to your wishes.

A tour in our website allows you to get a taste of “My Odyssey” experience; you can create your ideal itinerary and take a virtual tour through Greece’s legendary history, natural beauty, healthy Mediterranean cuisine and of course the world’s known Greek romantic atmosphere.

Visit the My Trips pages for a closer look at My Odyssey’s itineraries and for some indicative travel products.

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