Why My Odyssey

Being the first Greek high-end travel company catering for Chinese clientele, My Odyssey strives to create unparalleled journeys for individuals and small groups with the best of services and insider’s information. My Odyssey has tantalized and delighted Chinese celebrities, singers, actors, as well as elite business people and entrepreneurs with its amazing services! Chinese actress Huo Siyan, famous Chinese musician Liu Huan, digital guru Gary Wang and Chinese tycoon Li Hejun are already among My Odyssey’s VIP clients.

When Director Chen Sicheng was looking for a filming location for the secret love affair between Tony Leung and Carina Lau in his debut movie Beijing Love Story, he wanted a place that is “Sweet, exciting and extremely romantic”, and he found it in Santorini, Greece. My Odyssey Travel customized a unique shooting itinerary for the crews. In the meantime the movie is being released, My Odyssey is extending romances from screen to real life by providing unforgettable journeys for Chinese travelers.

About My Odyssey

My Odyssey provides a magical combination of all the elements that Greece is made of – natural beauty, epic history, healthy Mediterranean cuisine and romantic atmosphere– and offers to Chinese travelers a spectacular voyage, luxurious but also off the beaten path. My Odyssey guests meet people, come in contact with new customs and traditions, get acquainted with the past and the present of the birthplace of western civilization; they savor the delicious tastes of the local cuisine based on the world’s most renowned olive oil, while discovering the epic history and unique culture of Greece; they experience new but unexpectedly familiar sensations from wine tasting at volcanic vineyards to sailing among stunning landscapes; they make an unforgettable wedding ceremony on an Aegean island; they embark on a journey that My Odyssey promises to make a life experience. Whatever their choices, our guests return home with a smile, an inner balance and a feeling that they have added a significant piece in the puzzle of life.

About My Odyssey

My Odyssey offers stress-free travelling and a really relaxed journey, stripped of all the small or big problems of an ordinary trip, wrapped in comfort and luxury: The best hotels, the most astonishing locations, the cream of the crop of restaurants, the finest vibrant entertainment, the smoothest comfortable limos, the safest helicopters, the most luxurious yachts. Absolutely the very best that Greece has to offer. The superbly tailored experiences are filled with secret recommendations and unique itineraries, where every detail is taken care of from arrival to departure.

So, why My Odyssey?

My Odyssey is the best choice, if you want:
– To enjoy a unique trip, specially designed for you.
– To be sure that you will meet what you are looking for.
– To be treated as you deserve to. Luxury is our specialty.
– To accomplish the trip of your dreams or create new dreams during your trip with us…

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