Indulge yourself in Tuscany’s hot springs

Do you love to relax and be pampered during your holidays? Do you appreciate the calmness of nature and the magnificent sceneries drawn by endless vineyards, rolling sunflower fields, snow-capped peaks in the distance and picturesque mountain villages? Then you should definitely take your luxurious vacation to Tuscany to give yourself a recharge that will make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud.
Besides its landscapes, traditions and history, Tuscany is very famous of its natural hot springs. While many of them are now part of enclosed spa centers, you have many choices as to places where to relax and pamper yourself, truly enjoying a relaxing holiday any time of the year!

There are several very popular – and beautiful – outdoor hot springs remaining in Tuscany which can offer a unique experience. Let’s see the most famous springs, how to go there and what to enjoy.


Saturnia is a small town in the municipality of Manciano in Maremma, that stands on top of a hill overlooking the famous thermal springs and has become one of Italy’s premier thermal spa resorts. Saturnia takes its name from the Roman god Saturn (or Saturnus). Legend has it that he grew tired of the constant wars of humans, and sent a thunderbolt to earth that created a magic spring of warm sulphurous water which would pacify mankind.
From the beginning of the Renaissance, Italians have always believed Saturnia Spa is a natural gift for people. Forgotten for several centuries, the place was rediscovered in the late 19th century when the land around the spring was drained and a spa built. Every year, thousands of visitors come to bathe in these waters.
Steaming hot sulfur water from the Amiata mountain flows through the hillside ending in a calcified rock pool. Hot spring water besides the comfort that is generously offering, it is also rich in beneficial biological minerals, vitamins and nutrients, offers a unique natural beauty and biochemical effects. Surrounded by mountains and trees, this natural spa is a true paradise.


Equally famous are the Petriolo thermal baths, not far from the Province of Grosseto, also close to Florence. Similar to Saturnia, the Petriolo hot springs were already known during Etruscans and Romans times, which further confirms the benefits of these sulfurous waters.
Gushing out from the banks of the River Farma torrent at around 43°C, the hot sulphurous pearly waters keep the natural concavities topped up and allow for free around-the-clock bathing.
Off the beaten track, and right in the rural heart of Tuscany, this wild hot spring is bordered by venerable oak and chestnut trees – bringing you closer to nature.

Fosso Bianco

If you like to take your bath a bit more privately, move on towards Val d’Orcia and explore the Fosso Bianco hot springs near Bagni San Filippo.
Located within the province of Siena, in the Val d’Orcia region of Tuscany, the Fosso Bianco natural pools, sit at the confluence of several hot springs. Slipping down the calcium-carbonate encrusted rock-face and into the natural cerulean basins below, the Fosso Bianco waterfalls provide the perfect all-year-round utopian bathing experience.
Following the tree-lined leafy pathway into the heart of the woods, you will eventually come to the ‘white-whale’ (the largest calcium formation of Bagni San Filippo), where the white-blue water is in marked contrast with the green and copper shades of the woodlands.
Spurting out at 48°C, the water here is very warm, which permits bathing during colder months. The rich and remedial mud deposits, sitting at the bottom of the pools, also provide the best spa treatment that Mother Nature can offer.

Tuscany is like Alice’s Wonderland: it never ceases to surprise, tourists and locals alike. Hot springs are a must during the Winter months to enjoy both Tuscany’s beautiful landscapes as well as nearby cities, no matter what the weather might be like.

If you want to go to hot springs in Tuscany, please contact our travel consultants that will provide you with the best itinerary, tailor made for you!

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