Spello, the flowery medieval town of Umbria

Spello is an ancient town located in the central Umbria region, in the east of Perugia, about 30 km away, reachable also from Rome by direct train.
This is not a popular destination for people to travel, and perhaps few people have heard of its name. However, it’s one of those places that if you happen to drive past, you feel compelled to detour and discover.
From a distance, the medieval town of Spello seems to melt down the hill which it graces. Tiny stone houses that dot the Umbrian countryside form this mesmerizing and charming town.
Spello is a pleasure for those who love walking. Three well-preserved Roman stone arches form the entry points to the town, Porta Venere, with its towers, Porta Urbica and Porta Consolare.
Entering the town, passing by winding cobbled roads along with the nature of the line, you can see the first simple yet elegant stone houses. The scenery is dressed up by beautiful flowers, since it seems to have become the most enthusiastic hobby of the locals.
The first thing that will undoubtedly attract your attention is the preserved Roman and Renaissance art works by Pinturicchio, among of which, Santa Maria Maggiore; Spello’s largest church. The mosaics and frescos found in Santa Maria Maggiore are not just incredibly beautiful works of Late Antique art; they are also one of the oldest representations of the Virgin Mary in Christian Late Antiquity. The colors and details will amaze you.

What is the best season to visit Spello? Summer of course! Every year in June, you can be part of Spello’s unique flower festival:L’Infiorata. On the night of the occasion of the Corpus Christi feast, on the ninth Sunday after Easter, you will be able to enjoy carpets and pictures made of flowers along the narrow town’s streets.
The floral creations cover streets throughout the historical center in preparation to the passage of the Blessed Sacrament carried in procession by the bishop on Sunday morning. The result is a unique one mile-long path of beautiful floral creations with an explosion of colors and scents. Spectators from other cities of Italy but also from all over the world will flow to the town to enjoy this rare beauty.
It is truly one of the simplest yet spectacular festivals you will find in Italy. In the historic Spello, stone and flowers mix perfectly together, creating an adorable scenery of art and nature. If you want to explore the unique charm of a small Italian town, you have to visit Spello!

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