The Best-prepared Travel Calendar for 2016

New Year is here, haven’t you already made your new travel plan? Here is the New Year’s present delicately prepared by My Odyssey for you—A European travel Calendar for the year 2016. With this calendar, we offer the opportunity to select the best trip in the ideal time period for you and we wish you could find the new yourself through traveling.
The Best-prepared Travel Calendar for 2016

January Jungfrau, Switzerland

At the beginning of the new year, why not try something exciting? When it comes to the best winter sports, ski is the king. If you long for an adventure in the ski resorts, then you must come to Switzerland–the country known as the paradise for skiing.
Jungfrau Ski Resort is one of the most famous ski resorts in Switzerland and it is also among the top 10 ski resorts in the world. Taking the red little train and going through the snow-covered mountains, you could admire the marvelous scenery of Europe’s highest peak.
Don’t worry about your ski skills. Get on the little Schlittelweg and rush down from the top of the mountain. This experience will definitely not let you down.

February Milan

Although spring is on the way, the weather is still a little bit cold. However, the flower of fashion has already blossomed in the fashion capital. The Milan Fashion Week in February gathers various big brands representing also the most important Italian trends.
If you are a fashion lover, you cannot miss this art feast. Watching the shows with your best friends and admiring the top fashion art works, you will get the idea for the fashion proposals from the masters of the kind.
Strolling in the city center of Milan where art and classic are combined together perfectly, making a stop in the boutique shops on the Montenapoleone Street, and climbing onto the dome of the Milan Cathedral from which you could admire the stunning panoramic view of the whole city, then you will understand why this city makes people to hold back from everyday quick tempo to enjoy the city.

March Valencia

As the third largest city in Spain, Valencia boasts all the characteristics of a typical Mediterranean city.
Valencia’s weather in March is quite mild. The brightly shining sun, the ancient and mysterious medieval city district, the quiet narrow lanes and the churches with gothic courtyards will arouse your curiosity to explore them.
Every March 12th and 19th, the Las Fallas festival is also held in Valencia. During this festival, the locals will put huge dolls pade of papier mache on all the streets and lanes in the city, which will be burnt in the midnight. The Las Fallas is not only a carnival of the nobles, but also a victory of the common people. Don’t you want to be a part of the crazy Las Fallas festival?

April Amsterdam

The Holland in April is a country with flowers, and that’s the best season for a trip to the Keukenhof Garden where you could take a lot of pictures with all kinds of postures.
Keukenhof is the biggest tulip garden in the world, which also boasts most species of tulips.
Holland Michigan Tulip Festival - Windmill and Tulip Flowers
The ocean made up of numerous beautiful tulips waves with the breeze under the brilliant sunshine. The old windmills turning around slowly near the horizon are just like the catcher in the rye. All your romantic cells will be activated in the boundless sea of gorgeous flowers!

May The Lake of Garda

Although Garda is only a lake, it is as tremendous as the sea. The water of the lake has a color of crystal dark blue and it is so clear that you can even see the bottom. The best way for visiting the Garda Lake is a self-driving tour or a drive around the lake. The warm breeze in May, the rolling hills and the steep roads together make up a distinctive scenery coming into your sight.
The stunning cliff town Tremosine situated on the Northwestern bank of the lake, which is also the most dangerous cliff in the lake area. It is distinctive that Tremosine was the shooting place of The 007 series film “Quantum of Solace”
Enjoy the charming landscape from the “terrace” of the town.

June Norcia

Every girl has a little romantic fantasy in the bottom of her heart. After seeing the tulip in Holland, what about a trip to appreciating the ocean of flower in Italy?
Located in Umbria in central Italy, the valley of Castelluccio di Norcia boasts the biggest sea of flowers in Italy. And the best time to admire the beauty of the flowers is June.
Maybe it is not as brilliant as the tulip in Holland, but the flower sea in the valley has its own special natural charm, which will attract you to stay and admire its beauty. Here is like the palette which was knocked over by the God accidentally, whose beauty is hard to be described by words.

July Goreme

It is said that taking the hot-air balloon is a must-do-thing in your life. Goreme is one of the most beautiful places for a balloon ride.
It is incredible to see the colorful balloons floating in the sky, passing by the caves that look so different that you are wondering if it is extraterrestrial.
When you are flying by Cappadocia by the balloon, remember to overlook the misty morning light and the peculiar geomorphy, which will amaze you; a spectacle far beyond your expectations.

August Sicilia

The best way to spend your summer must be surfing on the island. The island of Sicilia is not only the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea, but also one of the most famous islands in Italy.
It is never exaggerated to call Sicilia a natural history museum. Here, the architecture monuments from various periods of time are mixing perfectly together.
Enjoy yourself on the beaches or look back into the history in the ancient relics. Sicilia will weave a real fairytale for you. Just experience it!

September Monemvasia

Monemvasia is a perfect small town, located in the east coast of Peloponnese. The name “Monemvasia” means “the town with only one entrance” in Greek. The town was an imposing fortress, with a steep path leading to a marvelous cliff and the underpart extending into the shimmery sea.
This Mediterranean Greek little town has an undamaged beauty and boasts a lot of medieval rampart and Byzantine churches. As soon as you arrive here, you will have a feeling that time has turned hundreds of years back. Nowadays, Monemvasia is considered to be one of the most popular honeymoon destinations for Greeks.

October Alba

When October comes and nature is turning into a golden color, come to Alba collect truffles in Italy.
Truffle is a valuable kind of fungi plant, which has a delicious taste. Alba boasts the white truffles with the best quality in the world. One kilogram of white truffle once was bid 35,000 US dollars.
Following the local truffle hunters, try to collect truffles in the woods with the help of well-trained dogs. This event which is full of fun and a sense of achievement is suitable for the whole family.

November Marathon

Greece in November is slightly cool, but people’s enthusiasm for the Marathon race is not something can be cooled by the weather. If you love sports, then marathon is a classic project you cannot miss.
Take part in a special and original Marathon Race at the cradle of this sport! Running along the traditional ancient track, through the beautiful scenery of Attica, you will feel the charm of the classic marathon route. This race is also a way to show your respect to the ancient Greek warriors!
When you cross the finish line of the marble Panathinaiko Stadium with all of your effort, you are already a hero!

December Vatican

The Vatican in December makes people especially excited, because of Christmas celebrations. The whole city is full of tableaus of the Nativity in real human size. The Christmas atmosphere spreads over the streets and lanes in the city.
But the most attractive part of Christmas is still the Christmas Eve Mass which is presided over by Pope himself in St. Peter Cathedral.
VATICAN CITY, VATICAN - DECEMBER 24:  Pope Benedict XVI attends the Christmas night mass at the St. Peter's Basilica  on December 24, 2012 in Vatican City, Vatican.  (Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images)
Pope will also ascend the altar, greeting the people in all languages on the following day and start the Christmas revelry.


We believe that with this travel calendar, your 2016 will be quite substantial. Travel is a gorgeous adventure and the perfect way to awake yourself. In the very beginning of this year, just take your first step towards your personal development along with My Odyssey!

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