Live Like the Gods

MyOdyssey offers Elite Travelers a Lifetime Experience in Greece

Live Like the Gods

BEIJING, December , 2012 — MyOdyssey, a travel company specialized in luxury trips to Greece, announced today the launch of its premium travel services and website for elite Chinese travelers wishing to “Live like the Gods” in the Land of Gods and Myths.

Following an itinerary through lands and seas – just like Odysseus – the mythical hero king of Ithaca and the main character of the ancient Greek Homeric poem “Odyssey”, MyOdyssey guests meet people, come in contact with new customs and traditions, with the past and the present of the birthplace of the western civilization; they share new but unexpectedly familiar sensations; it is a trip that MyOdyssey promises to make a life experience. Actually, isn’t this the essence of traveling?

“Greece is uniquely blessed with natural beauty, epic history, healthy Mediterranean cuisine and a captivating romantic atmosphere. MyOdyssey magically combines all these elements and offers to Chinese travelers a spectacular voyage off the beaten path; savoring the delicious tastes of the local cuisine based on the world’s most renowned olive oil, while discovering the epic history and unique culture of Greece,” said Fokion Drossos, Director of MyOdyssey. “It has been a big and exciting challenge for us to offer exclusively to few select Chinese travelers the opportunity to experience “The Best of Greece”.


Recently, the famous Chinese actress Huo Siyan had the chance to visit Greece in a tailor-made itinerary by MyOdyssey. Huo Siyan enjoyed a meticulous service, moved around the country by private jet, helicopter and yacht to exotic islands and was introduced to the best dining options that combine simplicity, authenticity and sophistication.

“We pay close attention to our guest’s wishes, as we care to create a tailor-made experience; we combine the convenience of a guided voyage with the flexibility of an customized luxury journey,” said Drossos.
My Odyssey guests are offered a variety of themed destinations to select from; visits through history, wine tasting at volcanic vineyards, sailing among stunning landscapes to mention a few. MyOdyssey may also arrange special private events, such as a wedding ceremony on an Aegean island. But whatever their choices, our guests return home with a smile, an inner balance and a feeling that they have added a significant piece in the puzzle of life.


The MyOdyssey website allows users to have an idea of the MyOdyssey experience; website visitors can create their ideal itinerary and take a virtual tour through Greece’s legendary history, natural beauty, healthy Mediterranean cuisine and of course the world known Greek romantic atmosphere.
MyOdyssey website will be continuously updated, introducing new additional interactive features, in order to offer more options to Chinese travelers, in an effort to create unparalleled travel experiences.
For more information, to request a brochure, or to discuss further and create tailor-made trips, please contact a MyOdyssey travel advisor at +86 021-54268355, or visit

About MyOdyssey

MyOdyssey is a luxury travel company operating both in Greece and China. The company meticulously plans, and offers China’s elite travelers spectacular travel experiences by combining Greece’s best attractions, accommodations and cuisine, all amidst personalized VIP services.
Telephone: +86 021-54268355

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