Family Tour in Italy

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Family Tour in Italy

Day 1 Rome

Welcome to the Eternal City! Rome is like a huge open-air museum where you can enjoy the history of ancient Rome! Walking through the ancient temples, you will marvel at their magnificent and amazing legend of the city. In the evening, wandering in narrow streets at downtown, you can feel the magic and vitality of the city.

Welcome to the Eternal City! Rome is like a huge open-air museum where you can enjoy the history of ancient Rome! Walking through the ancient temples, you will marvel at their magnificent and amazing legend of the city. In the evening, wandering in narrow streets at downtown, you can feel the magic and vitality of the city.

Recommended programs:

  • Traditional horse-drawn carriage ride tour (about 1.5 hours);
  • Take a tricycle tuk tuk tour (about 1.5 hours);
  • Discover history in Time Elevator Ancient Roman interactive museum.

Day 2 Rome

After breakfast, transfer to the residence of the Pope and the spiritual center of Christianity: Vatican City, declared by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of humankind. Ascend St Peter's Basilica Dome; enjoy the panoramic view of Rome. The Vatican Museum is a place where not to miss, especially the Sistine Hall, it is one of the highest levels of the entire art history. After lunch, visit the interior of Colosseum. Then walk to the Pantheon, which is one of the most important architectures in ancient Rome.

Recommended programs:

  • Might as well get a portrait near Piazza Navona where artists and street painter concentrate;
  • In the evening, take the tram for dinner;
  • Self-drive Segway power-driven car to explore the city center (2 hours).

Day 3 Rome - Pompeii - Sorrento - Positano

From the perspective of archaeology, it is invaluable that stroll in the ancient streets of Pompeii. The value of Pompeii exist not only in simple fact that it is buried by volcanic ash of Vesuvius, but has reserved it’s all brilliant traces and evidence, the huge amphitheater, grand noble mansions and magnificent thermal.

Today you will explore Pompeii : 79 AD, when Mount Vesuvius erupted suddenly, volcanic ash and rubble buried not only the residents who didn’t have enough time to escape, but also frozen and saved a brilliant civilization. Until 200 years ago, people occasionally discovered the mysterious castle from millennium sleep. As a cultural heritage of humankind declared by United Nations, Pompeii is a natural history museum, a caky quintessence, an eternal spectacle.
Afternoon transfer to Positano, then transfer to Sorrento. Sorrento is a small town in Naples Bay with beautiful scenery, the winding Gulf and the blue sea. Moreover, you can overlook the Mount Vesuvius and the beautiful island Capri. The streets of the town are clean with luxuriant flowers and trees, surrounded by citrus groves. It is one of the major resorts in Europe.

Recommended programs:

  • Spend one day at the Rainbow Magicland amusement park;
  • In the evening, enjoy your dinner at the restaurant by the sea.

Day 4 Pasitano - Irpinia Region

The medieval hamlet is surrounded by mountains, where the food and the culture are carefully preserved from generation to generation. Come and experience the treasures in Irpinia such as honey, cheese, olive oil, chestnuts and truffles!

In the morning have a pizza lesson to understand the secrets of Italian cooking.
Afternoon transfer to the Irpinia region, located in the south Italy. The main productions are wine, olive oil, cheese, chestnuts and honey.
In Irpinia region have one of the most beautiful Italian towns.
Accommodation in a grange.

Day 5 Irpinia - Castellana Cave - Alberobello

After breakfast, transfer to Castellana Cave. Castellana cave is one of the oldest and the largest main caves of Anelli cave called LA tomb (the abyss) which discovered by Speleologist Franco in 1938: the sunshine fall through a hole on the ceiling. White Cave is the last and most astonishing: pure stalactites is incredible. You can choose a short or a long route to visit.

Afternoon transfer to Alberobello, a small town in Apulia in province of Bari. Here preserves more than 1000 white stone roof houses. Moreover, there is the real home of the “stone roof houses” in the world (Trulli). Due to the quaint Trulli building, it is acknowledged by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage in 1996.

Recommended programs:

  • Cave explore Tour (2 hours);
  • Accommodation in ‘’Trullo’’----stone roof house

Day 6 Alberobello - Venice

Alberobello is the only place in the world where you can admire the trulli, a typical cone-shape houses made with white stones. This little gem is the flagship of the Apulia region, a land rich in history, culture and famous for its gastronomic tradition!

Today you will discover Apulian traditional customs: In the grand house taste wine, olive oil and typical products, have a pizzica dance lessons, ride Apulian donkey, have a cooking class.

Afternoon flight to Venice.

Day 7 Venice

Just the name of Venice is enough to evoke many emotions such as magical, romantic and wonderful. You can feel these emotions deeply when you walk through the narrow streets, when you watch the bridges across the river, when you visit 14th-century palace, when you step into boutique shops hiding in every corner.

After breakfast, transfer to Venice. Upon arrival, go to the island by a private speedboat. Then check in hotel, have a rest and have lunch.
Afternoon have a boat tour of the Grand Canal by Gondola. Go to Murano Crystal Island, the island is famous for glassware production in the 8th century. You will visit crystal glass production for one hundred years.

Recommended programs:

  • Learn to drive gondola (about 1,5 hours);
  • Learn Golf in Venice area.

Day 8 Venice - Gardaland – Milan

Transfer from hotel to Gardaland. Gardaland is one of the largest amusement park in Italy and one of the most famous amusement parks in Europe, children of different ages can relax and play here. In the evening, transfer to Milan.

Day 9 Milan

Welcome to the fashion capital of Italy! Here you will track the latest fashion trends and feel the most classic Italian life style. Milan Cathedral, Spritz aperitif and Fashion Street are keywords of Italy.

After breakfast, departure for the fashion capital Milan. Visit Gothic cathedral church of Milan in Duomo square, which is one of the most magnificent church in the world. Visit Victor Emanuele II Gallery, one of the most active path of city crowd due to numerous cafés and shops. This area is the boutique shopping center of Milan where concentrate the world's brand products. Enter La Scala Theatre for visit.

Recommended programs:

  • Enjoy a jazz concert in Milan jazz club;
  • Go to the famous La Scala to enjoy a fantastic opera.

Day 10 Milan - China

Flight to China and end your wonderful holiday.