Now, Santorini is an island you can definitely refer to as a “she.” Seductive, dark and mysterious, smoldering like a sleeping volcano, yet as cheerful as a young girl, dressed in blues and whites, playful and determined to win you over– Santorini is the quintessence of nature’s masterpieces, an amphitheatre rising from the sea, built by a divine architect, where visitors gaze in awe at the most amazing sunsets on the planet, regretting only that they didn’t come here sooner.

Life suspended in mid-air at Fyra or Oia, but in contrast to her calm and collected daytime appearance, Santorini gets wild at night . A split personality? Definitely, but why not? She has a strong heart and it rocks in a zillion bars and discos without disturbing the sleep of the early risers. To sum it up, Santorini is a seductive she-island, an island not just to be visited – but touched, embraced, tasted. “MyOdyssey” will see to that when you arrive.


Santorini Must See

  1. The sunset from the veranda of your five star hotel. Click your mind’s eye aperture a thousand times and add yet more memory photos to the billions already stored there. Literally or metaphorically.
  2. The Akrotiri, a prehistoric settlement of the Bronze age, on the southern part of the island, its stunning murals and the unique and well preserved prehistoric urban planning.

Santorini Must Taste

  1. Wine tasting, an exercise in your taste buds' ability to sustain a bombardment of the senses Some of the best wines in the land, especially the famous Vinsanto, come from "her."
  2. The sweet-tasting white eggplant.
  3. The notorious, velvety yellow fava beans, cooked to perfection with olive oil, lemon and chopped onion.
  4. Santorini's cherry tomatoes, also used in the tempting "tomato-balls" (named after the traditional meatballs, but sans meat).
  5. Strips of cod with a crispy fresh salad; or any white fish, lobster and stuffed calamari. Ideally served from the deck of your private yacht, under the candlelight, with the town’s lights twinkling in the distance.

Santorini Must Do

  1. Take a leisurely fishing boat trip to the smaller islands, or stroll by the old volcano crater.
  2. Relax in the island’s hot springs, good for healing or even getting rid of a hangover.
  3. A nerve-wracking donkey or mule ride from Fira to the port. These sure-footed, beasts trot only inches from the edge of the cliff. Yet there’s never been a single accident!
  4. Haute cuisine dinner, and the choices here are endless.
  5. Free-diving in the depths surrounding the volcano. While holding your breath, you’ll be stunned by the scenic perfection.
  6. The view from the top: Your helicopter will take you up over the volcano, then around the island, up and down its slopes, and across the laced beaches.
  7. Swim. Simple made gratifying, on one of the “black” volcanic beaches.
  8. Walk. Another almost forgotten pleasure, made exquisite by the steps, alleys, tavernas and bars of Oia, with a view of Fira.

Santorini Must Stay

  1. GRACE
    Grace Santorini is an exclusive boutique hotel and a member of the award winning Grace Hotels® group. The hotel is included in Tatler's 2011 list of the 101 Best Hotels in the World and also in the Condé Nast Traveller Gold List 2012 for Best Location in Europe. 'The Villa', which was launch in the spring, a 400 m2 of luxury, offering the ultimate escape place of Santorini.
    Nestled in the village of Oia Santorini, lies Kirini Suites & Spa, a unique atmosphere’s hotel amongst luxury hotels in Santorini. The mesmerizing view of the Caldera Volcanic islands, gives this Santorini luxury hotel, an out of this world vibe. A member of Relais & Châteaux, the luxurious resort Kirini in Oia Santorini, combines the Cycladic architectural tradition with luxurious living and the serene scenery of the Aegean.
    A Santorini legend and leading hotel in Greece, Katikies The Hotel is synonymous with many unrivalled characteristics. Awe inspiring Caldera views, sublime Santorini sunsets and perfectly manicured pink bougainvilleas provide the magnificent backdrop for this perennially gleaming, glistening white Santorini luxury hotel that spills down the cliffs of the magical Caldera. With a history as spectacular as its free form fantasy architectural formation of stairs, bridges, cubist cottages, infinity pools and Caldera views, Katikies The Hotel in Oia Santorini has garnered the reputation of the Grande dame of Caldera luxury hotels.
    Gorgeous luxury rooms in this Caldera hotel are both pristine and welcoming where magical private terraces hover over the most unforgettable of views.
    At The Tsitouras Collection, art and hospitality are graciously combined in the unique backdrop of a dramatic landscape, offering the hotel's guests a feeling of unparalleled luxury. At its five individually-designed suites that overlook one of the most spectacular views in the Mediterranean from a thousand-foot cliff, travellers are invited to indulge in the hotel's warm, signature welcome, which is complemented by the precious art works from the owner's private collection that embellish this extraordinary place.
    An icon of hip modern hotels in Santorini, Chromata 5 star hotel in Imerovigli on the most renowned romantic Island in Greece’s Cyclades, is set to debut its glamorous contemporary new design in the summer of 2010. Long acknowledged as one of the chic and luxury hotels in Imerovigli, new design details emphasize the 5 star hotel’s incredibly beautiful, romantic location with white hued details incorporating elements from the astounding beauty of the island, rich textures and sumptuous fabrics.
    With a typical island-style design that preserves the nature in a climate of unabashed luxury, Mystique, a Luxury Collection Hotel, is built in the world’s most beautiful scenery. Located on Oia’s most famous cliffs with dazzling views of clear blue crystalline waters towards the volcano and the Aegean Caldera. Twenty two suites and villas provide a sensorial experience of Santorini in surroundings of understated elegance. 18 km from Santorini Airport and 20 km from Athinios Port.All accommodations are a wondrous exploration of driftwood, a free spirited, untamed material that harness the elegance of simplicity. Enticing patterns carved into the walls. Suites open onto sea-facing terraces with relaxing daybeds. Cobblestone pathways lead to the plunge pool surrounded by sun beds for the utmost relaxation. Guests may experience the outdoor infinity-edge pool, the "Aura" Bar by the pool, the "Charisma" Gourmet Restaurant, right on the cliff edge and the "Secret" Wine Cave, a dramatic wine cellar with the most rare and indigenous wine selection.
    Reflecting traditional Aegean architecture and overlooking the island’s volcanic crater or caldera, the Andronis Luxury Suites represents the most luxurious, dreamy escape in a Mediterranean setting beyond compare. The multi-villa property gently cascades down the side of this unparalleled Greek island, forming part of the traditional landscape yet with Zen-like sophistication and discrete luxury that make transform these 22 award-winning suites into a lifetime experience for its elite visitors.
    Dreams Luxury Suites is the place where style, opulence, and perfection meet a world of beauty and tradition. They represent a new concept of sanctuary with just four luxury suites that have a unique personality, and combine courteous and warm service with authentic tradition. The Suites were designed for the distinctive guest who is able to appreciate a singular kind of comfort, class, space and tranquility.
    San Antonio is a distinctively impressive luxury 5 star hotel with Caldera view in the narrowest point of Santorini in Greece. A rough diamond generously polished resting on a natural volcanic plateau in the picturesque village of Imerovigli and near the Unesco Heritage Village of Oia. San Antonio 5 star boutique hotel is a luxury retreat in Santorini with an unrivalled sea view of the azure Aegean Sea and the volcanic Caldera. Nestled in Santorini’s delicate neck, it offers sublime luxury in the most intense natural surroundings.San Antonio small luxury hotel is built into a fascinating natural cave formation dazzlingly embedded in the volcanic rocks of Santorini. The hotel is hidden within black volcanic breccias and sweet smelling gardens. Architecturally striking, the black stone texture of the hotel’s exterior harmoniously blends into the volcanic landscape forming an exquisite 5 star boutique hotel riddled with character and charm. This proud small luxury hotel member lures guests with its distinctive design and divine beauty.
    Perivolas is the ultimate in laidback luxury. Poised on the cliff high above the Aegean, this intimate escape is designed as a place where you can let the rest of the world slip away. Built amphitheatrically, Perivolas’ secluded location combines expansive views with the luxury of absolute tranquillity. It’s just a short walk from Oia, the most beautiful village on Greece’s most romantic and dramatic island, Santorini.
    The recently renovated luxury suites of Canaves Oia in Santorini, Greece are all elegantly designed and spacious and offer an amazing view of the picturesque island of Greece, Santorini. The modern luxury suites of Canaves Oia are considered amongst the best in Santorini and the dreamy setting of Oia makes them the ideal getaway in Santorini. For guests dreaming of pure luxury accommodation in Santorini, the hotel suites in Oia, Santorini, Greece are ideal. Canaves Oia, with its modern and minimal hotel rooms and hotel suites, offers accommodations that can satisfy even the most demanding guests.