Here, you may find yourself being transported back to a time when armored knights battled, swords and shields clanging by the ancient walls of the island. They are no more, of course, but still, the views can inspire film directors to set up medieval tales of betrayal and intrigue, all set on the famous Island of Colossus. One of the seven wonders of the ancient world, it’s towering presence no longer rises portside.

Rodos takes its name from the roses that grow here in abundance. Packed by tourists, it offers choices of crazy nights or quiet days, romantic walks or donkey rides, touring by car or sailing. Anything goes here, and everything is, well — incredible. The largest of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes welcomes millions of visitors, and yet it feels as if it is the exclusive property of the “MyOdyssey” traveler – or is it? You can’t explore Rodos fully, unless you’re on a two month vacation. But it doesn’t take long to ride a donkey through the alleys of Lindos, up to the Acropolis, and it doesn’t take long to fall in love with the valley of the butterflies.


Rhodes Must See

  1. The old town, the Avenue of Knights, the Magistrate Palace, the Mandraki harbor, the Diagoras Stadium. Make sure you return to the 21st century in time for dinner.
  2. Endless brooks and millions of rare, colorful butterflies occupy their own, exclusive green valley, 25 km from the city.
  3. The Lindos castle town and its busy beach. Park your donkey for a quick bite - for you, not him! - and be transported to a carefree world where nothing matters.
  4. The ancient Kamiros ruins, the agora and the Acropolis.

Rhodes Must Taste

Pour a glass of an aromatic Rodos wine with dinner.

Rhodes Must Do

  1. Grande Albergo Delle Rose is an almost mythical hotel, and in its grand Casino, more myths of instant wealth are unfolding every night.
  2. Water sports rule at Faliraki beach where the beat goes on day and night.
  3. If you’re into antiquities, you’ll definitely visit this captivating, “inside-out” Archaeological Museum.

Rhodes Must Stay

Upon return home, guests will carry the memory of having stayed in “Aphrodite”, in “Athena”, in “Odysseus” or in “Apollo” as all 33 suites are named after the Greek mythology. Each Suite has fully dimmable lighting to create the perfect mood, a Jacuzzi, a DVD Player with a selection of over 100 films, Satellite & Cable tv, a Maxi Bar, a personal Safe and air-conditioning.

The Suite is refreshed each time the guest is out. Fresh roses fragrance the Suite discretely, while a daily replenishment of savoury seasonal fruit selection tempts the guest’s taste buds. The guests are taken one step closer to total relaxation by the Bulgari full bath care range, available in every bathroom.