Voidokilia. Unusually romantic for its name (“the beef’s belly”) this is one exotic coastline of the East and encompasses immaculate sandy beaches around the Navarino bay. The area is ornamented by ancient castles, accentuated by arches, heavy stone construction, and bathed in a divine light that not only made the whole area of Pylos a photographer’s dream, but also a retreat for those desiring the simpler life of past centuries.

Costa Navarino The ideal location for Hollywood to make a love story, it looks like it wasn’t built but planted by seeds of imagination, drifting in the wind and dropping on Messinia’s fertile soil. It has seen a long list of rich and famous guests, has witnessed weddings amidst the olive trees, has cheered world-class competitions on its groomed golf courses, and overlooks a view so stunning that it’s often called “unreal.” For the visitor who seeks a bit of body maintenance, the luxury spa provides age-old methods and recipes to rejuvenate, employing the legendary local olive as the key ingredient for its exclusive treatments.

“MyOdyssey” feels privileged to be able to introduce you to this exquisite heaven on earth, sitting pretty next to the deep blue Mediterranean sea.


Pylos Must See

  1. A hexagonal Acropolis built next to barracks by the Ottomans in the 16th century, at Neokastro (New Castle). It stands guard to the Bay and played a historic role in the events surrounding the area’s past.
  2. Paleokastro, built in 1287, is the perfect spot for a panoramic view. Side by side to the Nestor’s cave, where a thieving god, Hermes, stashed the cattle he stole from Apollo. “MyOdyssey” can’t vouch for this version of the story as mythology is not always reliable.
  3. Rare art in Costa Navarino, from the 17th to the 19th centuries, hanging unpretentiously on the walls of the hotel lobby, the Golf Club, the spa and the many restaurants.
  4. The sun’s farewell to the day, as it dips majestically into the Ionian sea, with a red glass of wine at hand, in a relaxing chaise on the terrace of the Costa Navarino Gold Club.

Pylos Must Taste

  1. Leave yourself to the tastes of local cuisine, which is effectively based on the unique olive oil and fresh seafood.
  2. Local specialties and meat cooked with vegetables from the hotel’s own garden. Flame Restaurant.
  3. Guest chefs perform culinary miracles (all based on the Omega diet) in the vast kitchen of the hotel’s restaurant which goes with the same name: Omega, the last letter of the Greek alphabet, a symbol of perfection.

Pylos Must Do

  1. Swim in the azure waters of the exotic Voidokilia and then lie back on the golden sand and bask in the sun.
  2. Bike your way around Yalova – both for exercise and for getting acquainted with the area’s unique nature.
  3. Go bird watching. Endangered species, flamingos, herons and the African chameleon can be seen in this special wildlife refuge and you can always be assisted by volunteers who are experts in the field.
  4. Visit an olive oil processing plant and watch how the golden-green signature of the area is extracted from the humble olive.
  5. A game of golf on one of the hotel’s two courses. You should perform well, unless, of course, you’re distracted by the incredible views -– rivers, trees and bays – all of which will rival your best intentions.
  6. Oil treatment at the Anazoe Spa, an ancient method derived from secret recipes which were discovered on several small clay signs of Nestor’s palace.

Pylos Must Stay

The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort, is an exceptional property stretching along the new prime destination of Mediterranean, Navarino Dunes at Costa Navarino

Live an unforgettable experience of authentic Messinia and its surrounding environment with a history that has been shaped for more than 4500 years. Enjoy an alluring scenery featuring extensive grounds with olive groves, indigenous trees and plants as well as golf landscapes next to the sparkling turquoise waters of the Dunes Beach.

This is the perfect location for an unrivaled relaxation within the 321 incomparable rooms, suites and villas of The Romanos Resort, offering unique garden, golf and sea views, iconic sunset backdrops of the Ionian Sea and a memorable experience not to forget.

Escape from the ordinary at The Westin Resort, Costa Navarino. A peaceful retreat located next to the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, in the Greek region of Messinia.

Beachfront the resort offers magnificent views of The Ionian Sea. Inspired by old Messinian mansions, the resort's low-rise villa clusters use natural stone and local design elements to create a motif in perfect harmony with the virgin sandy beach and pristine hillside

landscape. One of the most unspoiled and breathtaking seaside landscapes, for your next travel experience why not explore an area that has been shaped by 4.500 years of history...