They say that “if you go Mykonos, you never turn back,” and this charismatic Queen of the Aegean islands has ways to ensure this happens. And for its millions of fans, it is true that it takes only a five minute walk at Matoyanni and through the nearby alleys, to experience the hypnotic, almost palpable magnetism of the island. For most first-time visitors, this experience can be a bit overwhelming.

From then on, it’s just a typical Mykonos love story, a perfect bonding between land and spirit.

On top of the emotional factor that will connect you with Mykonos, it’s the lifestyle that makes the island’s romanticism vibrate with intensity. Bars, clubs, restaurants, tavernas, beaches, villages, the sea – they’re all alive round the clock with an amazing energy that takes hold of you and never lets go. Strangely enough, if you prefer the quiet life, it’s also here in generous doses.
A paradise for socialites and recluses alike, with its famous nude beach, Super Paradise, competing for popularity with Psarrou, Panormos or even some uncharted cove; your own private beach.

Delos – Renia
At short distance, stands the glory of Delos, once a holy sanctuary, birthplace of the Apollo and Artemis, surrounded by legends and blessed with the most beautiful light in the universe. Nearby Renia is a retreat accessible only by private vessels.


Mykonos Must See

  1. The ancient ruins of Delos: the notorious Terrace of the Lions, the temple of Apollo, the Sacred Lake, the Minoan Fountain and more.
  2. The archaeological museum of Mykonos by the harbor and Little Venice, serving the most gorgeous sunsets on Mykonos, a locale seemingly detached from the rest of the island, with its almost Venetian look, a subtle yet fully compatible contrast.

Mykonos Must Taste

  1. Whether you choose Sea Satin over Nammos, or Kuzina over Nobu, it makes sense to be prepared, not for lunch or dinner, but for a feast. The whole range of sinful pleasures is served by the seaside, where great chefs perform great feats on a daily basis.
  2. For a snack, “MyOdyssey” suggests fresh fish, lobster, or even calamari from the grill, served with a glass of ouzo on the deck of a private yacht.
  3. Barhopping combined with serious scientific research, as to which is the most tantalizing, exotic cocktail served in this domain.

Mykonos Must Do

A heli tour, flying low over Mykonos and the surrounding islands. A more conventional horse ride toward Fokos and Myrsini. Or go off-roading in one of the luxury Humvee or Mercedes SUV’s available for hire on Mykonos. Or rent a boat and go for a picnic on a nearby, uninhabited island. Finally, shopping is irresistible here, especially with so many superb shops squeezed into such a tight space.

Mykonos Must Stay

    The Grace Mykonos is an intimate, exclusive boutique hotel located just north of Mykonos town above the sandy and protected beach of Agios Stefanos. Guests at the Grace Mykonos are treated to an ideal setting, comprising luxurious facilities and intimate hospitality for a unique hotel experience and a relaxed and pampered Mykonian island holiday.The graceful coexistence of traditional architectural elements and local craftsmanship with modern facilities and simple but elegant design touches is apparent throughout the property. The reception area with nuances of the Aegean Sea, the stylish pool-side area adjacent to the Grace bar & restaurant, the refreshing spa and the gym combine to create a special holiday or romantic honeymoon in Mykonos.
  2. BILL & COO
    A romantic oasis where minimalist design meets sheer relaxation, Mykonos hotel Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge, distinguished member of the Small Luxury Hotels group, is a peaceful, stunning, paradisiacal haven of luxury. Perfectly positioned over Megali Ammos bay, just a few minutes’ walk from Mykonos Town, the vibrant town on Greece’s most cosmopolitan island, Bill & Coo boutique design hotel in Mykonos is the perfect location from which to view the romantic Mykonian sunsets that envelop the Aegean Sea.
    More than just a Boutique Hotel in Mykonos Greece, the Kivotos Hotel, was not destined originally to become one of the best hotels in Mykonos, for it was meant to be a family villa. What is now considered amongst the foremost Boutique Hotels in Mykonos Greece, offering aesthetically outstanding Mykonos accommodation and Mykonos Suites, was originally inspired by an antique.
    Cavo Tagoo in Mykonos island of Greece strives to be a canvas upon which visitors can colour their island dreams. The outstanding, friendly service and carefully crafted luxury that customers enjoy are elements that achieve perfection for a relaxing stay in Mykonos. Cavo Tagoo’s number one priority is creating memorable experiences for its guestsand therefore the hotel makes every effort to ensure that each visit is fondly etched in its customers’ minds. Cavo Tagoo has succeeded in being a cosmopolitan luxury suites hotel and a destination for seekers of unique and relaxing experiences from all over the world.
    Through the luxury hotel’s stone walled gates, one walks into an impossibly charming bougainvillea clad courtyard. Entering the design 5 star hotel lobby, one soon discovers the understated elegance, design genius and rich history that have established the Belvedere as a truly iconic luxury boutique hotel in Mykonos. Member of the Small Luxury Hotels, the Belvedere 5 star hotel property is located in the heart of Mykonos Town.The Belvedere luxury boutique hotel in Mykonos lies amongst lush gardens of cypress trees, bougainvilleas and wild laurels. Reflecting the spirit of Mykonos the white interiors of the Belvedere hotel create a cooling, calm ambience, truly refreshing in every sense.