Meteora – Delphi

Lights, camera, action! Here, at Meteora, in this surreal, mystical location, the visitor is overwhelmed by the sheer size and serenity of the place, dominated by colossal rocks, looking as if they were placed here by some preternatural force. And perched atop each of these sculptured giants is a single Orthodox monastery.

It was this amazing landscape that drew monks to seek quiet refuge here, where they built their silent, isolated communities. Whether seen from afar, or from inside one of the monasteries, the view is stunning, and the wind conspires with the light to play mind games with the voyager. An unforgettable, jaw-dropping experience, made even more perfect by “MyOdyssey” and its own magic.

Delphi lies on the south-western spur of Mount Parnassus. Many millennia ago, this is where you would come to learn everything about your future and, in the Oracle, hear the words from Pythia’s mouth: “Ixis afixis, ou en polemo thnixis,” meaning, you will leave and come back, you will not die in war. Or did she say, “Ixis afixis ou, en polemo thnixis?” translation: “You will leave but not return, you will die in war?”

The ancient mystery, magic, and aura of those incredible times lingers still over this amazing locale, at one time considered the navel of the universe, where Apollo was worshiped and where, today, awe-struck visitors turn in slow, repeated circles, trying to absorb every detail of its overwhelming beauty.

Arachova, also called “a winter Mykonos”, is the favored skiing spot for the well-off and local celebrities.

Meteora – Delphi

Meteora – Delphi Must See

  1. The monasteries at Meteora, especially the Varlaam and the Saint Nicholas Anapafsas. Going up and down the stairs, you may find yourself gasping for breath occasionally. But it’s well worth it, especially since you’ll be tempted to see more than just one; to experience the true feel of the monastic life, where the visceral sense of life at a slower pace, will also help slow your heart rate.
  2. The temple of Apollo, the Tholos of Athina, the statue of Iniochos at Delphi.

Meteora – Delphi Must Taste

  1. Fried formaela cheese, a trademark of Arachova. Goes well with a glass of chilled white wine.
  2. At Kalabaka, a view of Meteora in the distance. Excellent meats and local, improvised cuisine.

Meteora – Delphi Must Do

  1. A heli-tour over and around this imposing rocky community, inside the complex configuration of nature and religion. Prepare your sight and your camera.
  2. If you’re in Arachova in the heart of the Greek winter and snow is your game, you can play a lot at the Parnassus Ski Centre.