The iconic island of romance. It is said that you can’t help but fall in love here, strolling its hundreds, almost surreal alleyways. And there is something in the air, the atmosphere, the rhythm of life, that is magnetic, inescapable and inspirational. Hydra, where the mood is as vibrant and unique as its colors, elements that when combined have inspired poems, songs, movies and have sealed too many love stories to count.

Vehicles have been exorcised here for the sake of four-legged taxis and slow boats and fishing trawlers patrol the calm, cool, blue waters, while thick ivy and playful bougainvilleas ascend the stone walls, flirting with each other, vying for attention. And when evening falls, the island comes alive with a strong reverberating bass tone – like a heartbeat – pulsing through the streets, an almost tactile reminder that despite its calm, cool and collected outlook, Hydra is alive and rules at night. Hydra, my friend, is a love story, “MyOdyssey” wrote the script, get in the director’s chair and direct it.


Hydra Must See

  1. The galleries, only too many of them. Elegant, imaginative art exhibits all over the small town.
  2. See the island bathed in lilacs with a magic sunset stroll from the Kiosk, right next to the site of the big Guns, remnants from the war against the Ottoman empire.
  3. If you happen to be in Hydra for Easter, the fireworks display and the explosive celebration will rock you – literally.

Hydra Must Taste

  1. A tradition in the Saronic Gulf area, the almond cookies of Hydra, are as good as they get.
  2. Order fresh fish on the veranda of any of the fine restaurants selected for you by a “MyOdyssey” expert, and you will completely forget any other seafood you’ve ever had in your life.

Hydra Must Do

A donkey ride is the best way – and comfortable too! - to make a new friend on the island. This gentler, tamer version of a horseback ride affords you the leisurely opportunity to take in all of the incredible scenery. And, if your mind’s memory card is full, you can snap photos of Hydra’s photogenic houses, manors and alleys.