The crown princess of aristocracy in the Greek islands, a royal heritage bestowed to it by the many civilizations who passed through over the centuries. Its name Kerkyra related to Poseidon, Corfu is now like some magical movie set, where visitors live out their fantasies in the narrow, semi-lit kantounia (narrow streets) of the main town. The people of Corfu are known, not only for their love of music – a remnant of the Venetian occupation – but also for their feisty temperament, a result of their past battles for freedom. But above all, they are warm, hospitable and outgoing.
Unique vegetation on this green island: wild olive, pear, pomegranate, apple, fig and grape vine.

The old town is irresistibly charming, the Fortress breathtaking, and the Mouse Island (Pontikonisi) a dream location. Add to these attractions a cuisine like nothing you’ll encounter anywhere else, and you have an upbeat heaven on earth, which “MyOdyssey” will make even brighter for you.


Corfu Must See

  1. The Old Palace and its gardens, the Achilleion, formerly a stunning casino and where, long ago, the Empress Sissy lived. And don’t miss the Kaiser’s Bridge, a truly impressive structure.
  2. The Asian Art Museum, the only one of its kind in Greece, housed in a unique antique building, the Old Palace of the Saints Michael and George, and displaying 10,000 invaluable artifacts.
  3. Pontikonissi, which has become the trademark of Corfu, and across from it, the Old Big Gun, still a popular spot for marveling at the stunning view.
  4. Angelokastro, a 12th century Byzantine fortress, and the village of Paleokastritsa, where you will find the purest, crystal-clear waters and the most relaxing landscape.

Corfu Must Taste

  1. Eat, drink, enjoy. Two dishes not to miss: Sofrito, fillets of beef cooked in white wine and garlic, and pastitsada, pasta with rooster or beef cooked in red tomato sauce.
  2. Koum Quat, spoon-sweet or liqueur, made from a cherry-size Chinese orange.
  3. Dinner with a view in one of the town’s fabulous high-end restaurants.
  4. Or an amazing fixed menu feast at Trypas, a truly great taverna – but only if you’re really hungry; like it or not, the plates just keep coming, and they’re all full.
  5. To satisfy your sweet tooth: Mantoles, pasteli and amygdalota, made in Corfu.

Corfu Must Do

  1. A short excursion to the neighboring island of Paxi, ideal for an almost-private swim, and the greenest green you’ve ever seen.
  2. If you’re a gambler or just a watcher of gamblers, the new Casino is housed in the Corfu Holiday Palace Hotel. Rien ne va plus is frequently spoken here.
  3. Endless walks in and around La Spianada, a veritable movie set worthy of Fellini or Antonioni. Ice cream soda in the dense shade of tall trees at Liston - old houses, built over a huge arched arcade.

Corfu Must Stay

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    The most stunning resort of the Ionian islands, the Corfu Imperial reflects the peninsula’s gorgeous natural setting, with luxuriant, splendid gardens, bungalows snugly embraced by pine groves, and pastel-coloured villas in the colours of the flaming Ionian sunsets. This regal hotel has one of the most extensive selections of types of accommodation - from main building rooms, bungalows and suites to Royal Pavilions - all with sea views! In 1994 it played host to the European Union Leaders Summit and on entering the hotel you will understand why it was chosen.