Classic Italy

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Classic Italy


Milan, Venice, Florence and Rome are the stops you definitely won't miss in Italy. The majesty of the Dome, the sparkling windows in the luxury Via Montenapoleone, the nightlife make Milan the capital of the fashion and trendy life. Venice and the sound of the water will enchant you, while you're wandering around its narrow alleys, that unexpectedly bring you in front of the magnificen Saint Mark Cathedral.
Florence is where art meets gastronomy: you'll have the chance to learn about the greit Renaissance masters, and, at the end of the day, enjoy some very good wine in one of the best winery of the city.
At the end, you'll fall in love with Rome, with its mesmerizing remains of its ancient past and with the masterpiece of the major artists such Michelangelo, Rapahel, Bernini and Borromini.

Day 1 Rome

Arrival at “the Eternal City” – Rome, pick-up by private car, arrival at the hotel.

Welcome to Rome, the Eternal city! You’ll understand soon why it is defined an “open air museum”: as you walk around the city centre, you’ll see the remains of its glorious past all around you, as you’re making a time travel back to the ancient Rome empire era.

Day 2 Rome

Today we’ll visit the Vatican City, the center of Catholicism. Here you’ll admire the great architecture and numerous outstanding art works of the Vatican City, such as the San Peter’s Square, the Basilica of San Peter, etc. You can see the art treasures collected by the Roman Catholic Church through the centuries among which the most important are the classic sculptures and the greatest works of the Renaissance era. In the afternoon we’ll visit the Square of Venice, the symbolic Trevi Fountain which is a perfect combination of Classicism and Baroque and where you can threw a coin to assure your return to Rome. Then we arrive at the Spanish Square and take a stroll at the Spanish Steps. In front of the square is the most famous shopping street in Rome – “Condotti Street” which is full of Italian and world-famous fashion brands like Gucci, Prada and Armani, etc.

The Vatican Museums, with its 9 million of visitors, is one of the most visited museums in the world, and, as soon as you cross the entrance, you’ll understand why. The paintings by Raphael, Caravaggio, the amazing Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo, the beautiful mosaics, the roman marble statues and many more pieces of art will leave you breathless.

Day 3 Rome – Montalcino - Florence

After the breakfast at the hotel, we’ll go to Rome by car. After arrival we’ll take a walk in the city center and visit the Colosseum.
Then we’ll go to the medieval town Montalcino, a little gem in the Unesco World Heritage Orcia Valley. There we’ll have lunch and wine-tasting and visit the winery, because this town is famous for the production of high-quality red wine and cheese. After that we’ll go shopping at the most famous outlet in Italy – The Mall. Later in the evening we’ll get to Florence.

As you enter into the Colosseum you’ll see the mastery of the roman architects: after 2000 years still keeps its charm and attraction. you’ll proceed to Montalcino, very renowed for its wine.

Day 4 Florence

We’ll visit the city of Florence, the Michelangelo Square and admire the panorama of the whole city. Then we’ll visit the dome Santa Maria del Fiore located at the Duomo Square, Giotto's Campanile, Municipio Square, the David statue and the famous Old Bridge. In the afternoon we’ll visit the Uffizi Gallery and admire the great works of Renaissance era. In the evening we’ll go to taste the famous Florentine steak in a characteristic restaurant in Florence. The Florentine steak is the special t-bone steak in Toscana, famous for being especially juicy and tender, but it cannot absolutely be cooked more than medium.

Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance: the sound of the Arno river will welcome you to this box of treasures. From Giotto’s Tower, to the Brunelleschi’s majestic Dome, to Michelangelo’s David, everything recalls its glorious past: be ready to meet the masters of art!

Day 5 Florence - Venice

After breakfast, we’ll head to the Italian water town – Venice. After arrival, we’ll get to the main island by private water taxi, visit the San Marco Square where you can find coffee shops and pigeons everywhere. We’ll continue to visit the San Marco Basilica, the Bell Tower and the Bridge of Sighs. You can also take a Gondola boat and visit the city along those narrow and tortuous canals. In the afternoon we’ll go to the factory of traditional glass on Murano island and see the breathtaking making process of glass products.

The artistic heritage, combined with the unique shape of the little alleys and canals, make Venice definitely a must see. Admire the refined architecture of the palaces reflecting on the blue water of the lagoon, lose yourself in the small lanes and discover all the artisan shops hidden around every corner!

Day 6 Milan

In the city of Milan, we have a variety of cultural sites and heritages, lively night life and unique cuisine, and we’re famous for opera as well. Milan is called the fashion capital of Italy; the fashion boutiques in Via Montenapoleone are world-famous, where you can enjoy a different shopping experience, and the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery is the oldest shopping center in the world. We’ll visit the Scala Theater and the Duomo of Milan. In the afternoon we’ll visit the San SIro Stadium, take a look at the locker room and interview room of AC Milan and Inter Milan, walk into the field through the soccer’s passageway, sit down on the first red bleachers, have a rest and listen to the guide explain the history of the stadium and its characteristics of design. Then we’ll visit the stadium museum and see the precious souvenirs of the two teams and the soccer history: clothes, prizes and art works, etc.

The fashion capital of italy will welcome you with its buzzing streets and fashion cafè. Admire the majestic Dome surrounded by sparkling shops and lively restaurants. Shopping on the glamorous Via Montenapoleon and discover the temple of soccer: San Siro!

Day 7 Milan - China

After breakfast, free time for shopping and rest. In the afternoon we head to the International Airport of Milan and get tax refund and leave Italy.