Wedding Ceremony in Greece

Greece and especially the Greek islands are an ideal travel destination for a romantic celebration, honeymoon or anniversary. From the amazing sunsets of Santorini to the peaceful tranquility of Monemvasia and the elegant luxury of Crete, the Greek islands present the perfect opportunity to escape to a world where feelings blossom with ease.

Are you planning your wedding ceremony? My Odyssey can make your ideal event come true at the most romantic locations both in the mainland and on the Greek islands.

My Odyssey Weddings’ service offers full wedding planning services. Our wedding planners cater for every single detail of the event: the venue, the setting, the time and of course the preparation for the groom and the maid.

We shall discuss in advance all the details for the event; we may arrange Hair, Nail and Make-up Care, the Photographer-Videographer, the Flower Artist, the Wedding Transportation, the event’s Audiovisual Service, any Special effects you may require, such as Fireworks, DJ/ or Live Music.

In the evening, a private romantic dinner for the couple will top the memorable day.

Contact us to discuss your wedding arrangements!