Special Tours in Athens

My Odyssey’s philosophy is to provide private and personalized experiential activities that engage travelers, sharing our “insider’s” knowledge and giving our visitors the opportunity to see Athens as we Athenians know and love it. Visit the most important landmarks of Athens as well as amazing hidden treasures off the beaten path; also taste, smell, shop…

In a few hours you will get the feel of a city that has been inhabited for 4,000 years.

You may choose among

“Photo Safari” (4 h, starting at 9 am)

  • Explore the streets of Athens and visit amazing places off the beaten path
  • Enhance your photography skills with our professional photo expert
  • Visit the most interesting photography spots*
  • Enjoy panoramic vistas.

Private possibility to customize on the way.
Photo Safari_2 Photo Safari_3 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

“Flavors of Athens” (4 h, starting at 9 am)

  • Enjoy a walking tour to the city’s most authentic neighborhoods
  • Visit the city’s central food market
  • Discover unique specialty food stores
  • Enjoy a cup of Greek coffee
  • Sample a rich selection of sweet and savory local delicacies -enough to replace lunch!
  • Learn about the local food culture and gastronomy

Fun and knowledgeable Insider food specialist.

“Cooking Classes” (5 h, starting at 9 am, 10 am or 16:00)

  • Explore the central food market
  • Stop for a Greek coffee or herbal infusion from Greek herbs
  • Learn about local gastronomy and the Greek cuisine
  • Visit an Athenian house
  • 3-hour cooking course covering a full menu (appetizers, main course, dessert)
  • Enjoy a meal made from top end ingredients at a local house
  • Taste sweet and savory delicacies

Private possibility to customize on the way.
cooking classes in Athens, Joy group (1) cooking classes in Athens, Joy group (2) cooking classes in Athens, Joy group (3) cooking classes(4) cooking classes(5) cooking classes(6)

“Athens Treasure Hunt” (4 h, starting at 10 am)

  • Discover our city in a fun way
  • Learn about contemporary Athens
  • View significant landmarks and sights
  • Visit local shops
  • Interact with locals
  • Enjoy panoramic vistas
  • Savor drinks and snacks that Athenians cherish

Be rewarded for putting your wits and senses into practice.
treasure hunt 2 (1) treasure hunt 2 (2) treasure hunt

“Athens Orientation tour” (4 h, starting at 9 or 10 am)

  • Admire significant landmarks
  • Take in amazing views of the Acropolis and Ancient Agora
  • Enjoy stunning panoramic views
  • Discover Classical, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman traces
  • Immerse yourself in the cobbled alleys of Plaka
  • Drift through the modern city
  • Visit Syntagma square
  • Wander around Monastiraki square and its flea market
  • Enjoy a Greek coffee or a herbal infusion from Greek herbs.

orientation (1) orientation (2) orientation (3)

A new 3D (special augmented reality) tour of Acropolis with ipads, is an add-on to any private tour of Acropolis. If you are in Athens and plan to visit the Acropolis, this is highly recommend it!
What is the 3D tour of Acropolis?
To make it easier for everyone to realize how the Acropolis looked like in the Ancient times we have the option of using tablets that will be presenting the site, as it used to be, with three-dimensional representations. Through the special augmented reality program of the ipad, you will be able to see full 3D colored reconstruction of the 5th century BC of statues, buildings and ancient objects, in real Time as you moving it.

From the seeds to the glass every spirit and every single malt whiskey is a journey of devotion and passion, a delicate balance between art and science. Those private single malts private tastings are the perfect way of discovering the character and the distillery process of some of the most important and rare malt whiskies, in a way that combines all the senses. The participants take all the information about the malts’ history and distillery by a professional malt whiskey expert who also helps them discover the many different flavors and aromas that dramatically change from one scotch distillery to the other.
The private single malts tasting takes place in an elegant private cellar of a famous whiskey bar in Athens, in a vaulted room with great atmosphere and hundreds or rare malts laying around the cellar’s, walls. The private tasting is paired by elegant and rare finger food (bitter chocolate, rare botarga and caviar, cured meats and cheese, dried fruits and nuts etc) that perfectly matches with the specific malts . Normal private tastings include 3 rare single malts and finger food but tastings can be tailored according to the clients wishes with more malts (up to 5) or different finger food in more premium packages. The malts’ selections are organized in 10 different packages, each one discovers the malts of a specific area in Scotland and Ireland or even Japan! There can be private single malts tastings combined with expensive and rare cigars as well. There is also the possibility of a combination of private single malts tasting and a specially designed dinner that matches the dishes with the selected malts. Private tastings for other spirits like rare bourbon whiskeys, rums and brandies, can also be organized upon request.

Art tour of Athens
Art and Gastronomy in Contemporary Athens
A fantastic opportunity to explore a unique side of Athens, discover the city’s vibrant art scene and visit one of the greatest spots in town for refined wine sampling moments. This is a tour for connoisseurs and gourmets, for those who want to entertain their senses and treat themselves to an exclusive art experience in the Greek capital.
Athens, City of Arts tour will take you to some of the capital’s top art museums—or even let you spend an afternoon with a local artist in their workshop—and give you the chance to immerse yourself in a unique wine experience at one of the most renowned wine bars in town.
Take a guided tour of the capital’s internationally renowned art museums

  • Step into the former residence of one of Greece’s most famous 20th century artists, transformed today into a stunning museum
  • Meet a well-known contemporary Athenian artist in his or her workshop and discover first-hand the inspiration, passion and talent that is driving the city’s thriving art scene
  • Raise your spirits at an unforgettable wine experience in city’s finest wine bars
  • Explore the historic Plaka neighborhood, located in the shadow of the Acropolis, with an expert guide

Dinner in a historical, unique Athenian house
Time-Honored Greek Hospitality in a Place of Timeless Beauty and Awe
If you are eager for one-of-a-kind experiences then this Dinner is the ideal choice for a splendid night in Athens. In what would otherwise be impossible, guests are invited to visit a private Mansion in Plaka and enjoy a specially catered dinner in a dining room set over the excavation work!
The Dinner begins with a tour in the picturesque Plaka, the capital’s oldest district.
Visit to a traditional Athenian mansion to experience renowned Greek hospitality

  • Enjoy a private, catered dinner suspended in time and space: The dining room of this private mansion features a glass floor with an excavation site illuminated below.
  • Alternatively, guests can dine on the mansion’s rooftop which features uninterrupted views of the adjacent Acropolis
  • Tour the historic Plaka neighborhood, located in the shadow of the Acropolis, with an expert guide

Dinner in an Athenian museum!
Recreated 19th century Greek feast over a trip to Athens’ Modern History
An enthralling trip back in the modern history of Greece, perfect for adults and children alike, this activity offers our guests the unique opportunity to enjoy a themed dining experience at the Museum of the City of Athens.
The tour begins with a walking tour of Panepistimiou Street, a major street of Athens literally planted with historical monuments and neoclassical buildings.
Discover the richness of Athenian history with a curator-led tour of the Museum of the City of Athens

  • Have a taste of aristocratic life with a specially catered meal, served in one of the museum’s accurately reproduced period dining rooms.
  • The meal is served on a 19thcentury dining table set with antique tableware
  • Children up to 15 years of age have the opportunity to dress up in period costumes, which are child-sized reproductions of clothes that once belonged to the Greek Royal Family
  • Enjoy a full 19th century experience with live violin music (night version only)

Hands-on visit of a historical museum!
Shedding light on the origins of Modern Greece
A memorable day awaits the guests of this tour, which promises to satisfy the most demanding museumphiles and not only. Come to witness the birth of the Greek state through a hands-on experience of artifacts and heirlooms from the 19th century onwards at the Benaki Museum.
Take a 19th century expert-led tour of the Benaki Museum’s neoclassical exhibition

  • Hold Greek history in your hands during an exclusive, hands-on viewing of the Museum’s artifacts and heirlooms
  • Enjoy a meal at the Museum’s restaurant, as you gaze over the Acropolis and the National Garden