Professional Photo Shooting

Photo shooting is an essential activity for travelers; travel memories from unique locations are not to be missed. Whether you are having a honeymoon trip in Santorini or in Florence, a wedding ceremony or just a casual trip, a professional photo shooting will preserve the memories in the best possible way and it is also fun!

Only a professional photographer can capture those moments that you will cherish for the rest of your life. My Odyssey works with professional photographers who know how to offer to guests those perfect shots, taken at the right time of day at the very best locations.

Especially in Santorini, My Odyssey has photo-shooting coworkers with different styles and techniques; Modern wedding and leisure photography takes the form of a story; it is a way to capture the emotions and the atmosphere of that day through reportage-style photography. Combining black & white and color techniques, our photographers create a contemporary, stylish flow of the wedding or leisure day in images!