Dedicated Guides

Having a good tour guide during a trip is an essential element of a successful trip. A well trained guide is going to give you access to people and places you would have otherwise missed! They can introduce you to curious locals, explain cultural nuances and give you insights that can add real value to your trip. Especially when you do not speak the local language of the place you visit, a guide can make your life easier through communicating with the hotels, transport and other service suppliers.

My Odyssey takes special care about that. During your holidays there will be a My Odyssey concierge with you for the whole journey. He (or she) will take care of everything and will help you organize your free time. He (or she) will pick you up from the airport and follow you anywhere you want, help you with the shopping, recommend to you the best spots, guide you, answer to all your questions, sometimes drive your car, help you customize your holidays and generally do everything possible to make your vacations in Greece unforgettable! My Odyssey Guides are all experienced travelers themselves, they live in Greece or Italy for years, they are all well-educated and trained by My Odyssey’s travel specialists. They have deep knowledge about culture, traditions, culinary habits and inside information for all destinations.