Unique Treasure Of Greece – Summer


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Unique Treasure Of Greece – Summer


Since the creation of My Odyssey this is the first top exclusive itinerary. And this is already chosen by Chinese famous travelers like Chinese actress Huo Siyan. The itinerary is specially designed to offer you a meticulous service, moving around the country by private jet, helicopter and yacht to exotic islands and introducing you the best dining options that combine simplicity, authenticity and sophistication. From exclusive visits in Athens and special shopping to flights with helicopter to the birthplace of the Olympic Games, from exploring the spectacular architecture of Hydra and the impressive naval culture of Spetses by a luxury motor yacht to Mykonos VIP shopping and Little Venice’s colorful crowds, from helicopter flights over the Santorini caldera to private dinners overlooking the most spectacular sunset of the Aegean sea; all provided services – from the best hotel suites to the most exclusive yachts and the most experienced guides - are of top quality ant they define the essentials when we, in My Odyssey, think about luxury travelling in Greece.

Day 1

Arrival at the Athens Airport. Transfer by luxury car to five star Athens hotel. Afternoon short walk in the city center, coffee or tea at an elegant stylish bistro, shopping at Voukourestiou Street. Dinner by the sea at Mikrolimano.

The best way to forget jetlag! Discover the heartbeat of a historical but also modern city and enjoy shopping at the most remarkable shops of the town, among beautifully dressed crowds, super artistic cafes and posh galleries and explore the most picturesque corners round Syntagma Square, the lush national gardens and the classy, cosmopolitan Kolonaki district. Enjoy dining at a fine fish tavern by the sea and taste perfectly grilled fresh lobsters by the traditional fishing boats, close to Piraeus, the ancient and the modern harbor of Athens.

  • OPTION :  Greek folk music in Plaka. Enjoy your drink watching an orchestra playing live Greek music and admiring the Greeks dancing at the slopes of Acropolis, exactly at the center of the ancient Athens town!

Day 2

Athens Tour. Acquaintance with ancient Athens from the Acropolis to the Kalimarmaro stadium. Lunch at a classy restaurant beside Acropolis. Afternoon visit at Benaki or the Cycladic art museum. Dinner at a roof garden restaurant overlooking Athens.

Welcome to the spectacular Metropolis of the ancient world and the cornerstone of the western civilization! Meet the glorious ancient Athens and its unique monuments from the world known Acropolis to the Kalimarmaron stadium of the first modern Olympic Games. Admire some of the most important exhibits of the Greek civilization through centuries and enjoy your drinks at the astonishing terrace of Benaki manor! Enjoy dining at a classy restaurant with a Michelin starred chef, overlooking the illuminated Acropolis.

  • OPTION : Afternoon walk at Lycabettus hill for the sunset. Enjoy panoramic views of the city, the Acropolis and the Saronic Gulf.
  • OPTION : Evening performance at Herod Atticus theatre. Discover the magic of a play, a concert or opera at an impressive 2000 years old theatre!

Day 3

Departure from the hotel by helicopter bound for Olympia. On the way, flying over the antiquity triangle (Acropolis, Poseidon Temple at Sounio, Afaia). Flight over Delfi area and the modern bridge over Korinthiacos gulf. Visit Olympia, the archeological site and the museum. Visit at Mercouri estate by luxury car, the winery, the vineyards, the olive plantations and the old olive oil factory. Lunch at the estates’ pavilion. Flight to Spetses and arrival at a an elegant, classy five star hotel. Afternoon walk in the city, starting from Dapia and ending in the old harbor. Dinner at an elegant multi Asiatic restaurant beside the waterfront.

One of the most exceptional days of your journey in Greece! Enjoy an unforgettable flight over Athens and the Saronic gulf islands, the Corinth Canal, the coasts of central Greece and Peloponnesus, discover the center of the ancient world in Delphi, visit the birthplace of the Olympic Games in Olympia. Find a lovely 19th century estate with magnificent landscapes, learn about traditional wine and olive oil production and experience one of the most fantastic lunches of your life, under the shadow of centuries-old trees, into the essence of millions of flowers and the cool sea breeze, admiring the colorful peacocks passing by… Explore Spetses and discover an elegant island with superb views and beautifully decorated old ship owners’ mansions, great architecture, a gentle romantic atmosphere and gardens full of flowers.

  • OPTION : Flight by helicopter over Argolida and ancient Mycenae and possibility of landing in ancient Epidaurus theatre and the sanctuary of Asclepius. Admire some of the most important ancient monuments of Europe from the seat of your helicopter!

Day 4

Journey to Hydra by luxury private Motor Boat. Sail to Hydra. Walk and discover the town and the harbor, visit at Koundouriotis museum and enjoy a traditional donkey ride. Lunch on board. Sail back to Spetses. Ride to the old harbor with traditional horse buggies. Dinner at a local fish tavern in the old shipbuilding area, near the sea.

A unique boat trip, along the olive tree covered coasts of Argolida, calm waters and astonishing landscapes! Discover Hydra, a most picturesque island town full of neoclassical manors, spectacular architecture and narrow cobblestone streets with no vehicles at all! Just friendly donkeys on which you can enjoy a memorable ride! Visit a perfectly preserved historic mansion of the 18th century and the super modern galleries with contemporary art. Explore Spetses island’s old town through a waterfront promenade on a romantic old horse buggy and relax beside the traditional shipyards enjoying grilled fresh fish seasoned with superb olive oil and aromatic local lemons.

  • OPTION : Bicycle tour of Spetses Island! The best way to explore the pine forests and the quiet deserted coves of the island.

Day 5

Departure by helicopter from Spetses bound for Mykonos. Arrival in Mykonos, transfer by luxury car and check in at a five star hotel. Lunch in a cosmopolitan beachside restaurant. Afternoon visit to town for shopping and sightseeing. Dinner at a fish tavern by the port. Bouzouki night.

Try an unusual but most terrific journey! Fly low over Peloponnesus and the Aegean Sea and enjoy the unique combination of blue sea and sky, Aegean architecture and beaches of the islands of Tinos, Syros, Paros and Mykonos from above. Welcome to Mykonos, the most cosmopolitan island in Greece! Enjoy your staying at a unique designed boutique hotel, relax tasting teriyaki seafood by the sea in a world class restaurant and discover the beautiful island town with the remarkable architecture, the old windmills, the magnificent byzantine churches, the glamorous shopping and the world known nightlife. Explore the bars and the clubs and try to dance local Greek dances by the popular sounds of bouzouki!

  • OPTION :  Afternoon tour around the island by a classy Jeep 4X4. Discover the unique landscape, remote beaches and marvelous sunsets!

Day 6

Journey to Delos - Rhenia by private luxury Motor Boat. Tour of the archaeological site with a professional guide. Lunch on board (seafood barbeque) in a Rhenia quiet cove. Return to Mykonos in the afternoon. Dinner at a fine restaurant, enjoying the sunset over the neighboring islands.

You will never forget that day! Visit the spectacular archeological site on the small island of Delos where ancient Greek God Apollo was born and discover the ancient town, the temples, the small museum, the theater, the Lions’ Road and much more. Explore the untouched beauty of remote coves, gulfs, beaches in Rhenia and an authentic Aegean landscape. Relax in the warm crystal clear waters and enjoy a glass of aromatic wine on the deck of your yacht in absolute privacy. Finish your day in Mykonos, tasting crispy shrimps with garlic sauce in front of the most stunning sunset of the island!

  • OPTION : Flight by helicopter over Mykonos and the nearby islands. Experience a unique way to see the magnificent landscape of the small archipelago and the astonishing Delos with an unforgettable flight!
  • OPTION : Snorkeling in Rhenia. Enjoy colorful views of the sallow, warm and full of marine life waters of the island.

Day 7

Departure by private jet (or helicopter) from Mykonos bound for Santorini. Arrival at Santorini, transfer by luxury car and check in at a five star hotel, in Oia. Afternoon walk to Oia for shopping and sightseeing. Sunset view from Goulas castle. Dinner at a fancy restaurant with caldera view and special Mediterranean recipes.

This view will take your breath away! Welcome to the most spectacular caldera of the world! Welcome to the island –phenomenon with the astonishing landscape, the unique cuisine and the thousands years old civilization! Walk around Oia village, the colorful houses and the art galleries and enjoy magnificent views, unforgettable sunsets and fine dining. Enjoy your staying in a world class boutique hotel, taste the famous local wine at your private pool at the edge of the cliff, try the tasty volcanic tomatoes and fava beans in pure olive oil and learn why Santorini is the number one Greek destination in the world!

  • OPTION : Scuba Diving in Santorini! Look at the amazing depths of the caldera and learn about the sunken Atlantis, which supposed to be here!

Day 8

Visit to Akrotiri archeological site and the archeological museum in Fira town.
Drive back to Oia by luxury car. Lunch at good tavern in Ammoudi, Oia’s fishing port. Afternoon visit at Sigalas winery. Dinner at the hotel’s restaurant.

This is an absolutely time machine trip! Visit an amazing well preserved prehistoric settlement, with houses and stores over 2500 years old and see how life was going on before the volcano explosion. Learn about the rich island’s civilization, its history and culture and see the remarkable findings at the archeological museum. Enjoy the most fresh fish and specially cooked seafood at the ultimate seaside setting in Ammoudi. Discover, in Sigalas’ grapes-surrounded, lovely yard, that Santorini is home to some of the best wines in the Mediterranean and winery here has a history of 3000 years!

  • OPTION : Flight over the volcano and the caldera by helicopter! Experience a unique way to see the magnificent landscape with an unforgettable flight!
  • OPTION : Winery tour. Visit more than one of the famous Santorini wineries, explore the unique wine museum, taste some of the best white wines in Greece and discover the magnificent fully aromatic and extremely rare Vinsanto wine!
  • OPTION : Visit of the old medieval villages of Pyrgos and Emborios, walking tour at the narrow streets and visit at an old village house for a traditional Greek coffee with the locals.

Departure from Santorini to Athens by a regular flight. Immediate response to the flight to China

Day 9

Departure from Santorini to Athens by a regular flight. Immediate response to the flight to China.