Unique Treasures Of Greece – Winter

Feel the dream in luxury and exclusivity by MyOdyssey

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Unique Treasures Of Greece – Winter


Both historical and modern Greece reveal the energies and talents that continue to create a vibrant contemporary culture of arts and crafts, of music and dance, of imagination and style. That was the main idea when designing this top exclusive journey, one of My Odyssey’s Hero products. It is an “once in a lifetime” trip from Athens “jaw dropping” monuments and specially designed shopping tours to private cooking classes in Athenian houses, from ottoman mosques to early industrial remnants of the 19th century, from helicopter flights over Epidaurus and Olympia to private dinners at the most famous museum of Nafplion, from exploring the stunning valley of Delfi and the picturesque coasts of central Greece to watching the awesome Meteora landscape from the air, from discovering the charming architecture in Mykonos to a private flight over the Aegean and a private dinner in a 200 years old Santorini cellar. Join this memorable journey and feel the dream in luxury and exclusivity by My Odyssey.

Day 1

Relax, Acclimate and Prepare – introduction by your private concierge

Welcome to Greece, to the Athens International Airport. Prepare to commence your unforgettable experience through History, Beauty, Healthy Cuisine and Culture... Prepare to fall in Love!
A luxury car or mini van will be waiting to transfer you to the most luxurious and exclusive hotel in the center of Athens, the Grande Bretagne Hotel. Your private concierge will take care of all your needs and will give you a review of the trip.

Authentic Gems Shopping – customized just for you

Once rested, let us guide you through the secret streets and narrow allays of the old city center and show you how the local Athenians enjoy the vibrant city and it’s Cafes. We will take you on a “shopping tour” to discover the local boutique shops, which sell the most authentic Greek products brought in from all parts of Greece. We carefully select upscale authentic stores, each with its special character and story, designers’ clothing, shoes, artifacts, souvenirs, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics and food halls. It’s a complete experience that caters especially to your needs.

Day 2

Discover the “Golden Age” - with our History Expert
On your second day, we will take you to the most important site of the city and one of the most recognizable monuments of the world. The “Sacred Rock” of Athens, the Acropolis. You will travel back in time, to the 5th Century BC, during Perikles’ Golden Age when the Ancient Greek Civilization was at its peak. It is this hill top that symbolizes Democracy and the beginning of Western civilization. Accompanied by our qualified and experienced guide, you will discover unknown and unique stories told by the monuments and ruins found in Acropolis, the Kalimarmaron Stadium and the New Acropolis Museum. You will make a private visit at the Cycladic Art Museum. The Museum will open only for you; a unique opportunity to admire the artifacts of the ancient Cycladic civilization (3000 BC) in the tranquil surroundings of a Museum.
Our tour will continue through the old town below Acropolis, Plaka to enjoy the vibrant narrow streets filled with cafes and souvenir shops.
The Mediterranean Diet, a healthy tradition – prepare it with the guidance of a famous chef, taste it in a contemporary Greek house
In the afternoon you will take private cooking lessons and have dinner in a local house with the most famous Greek Chef. You will be taught how to cook and enjoy a Greek meal, which after all is famous for its health benefits – including arguably the World’s best Olive Oil! Learn how to prepare a 4 course Greek meal, which will include well known dishes such as a spinach pie, the famous vine leaves stuffed with rice, herbs with squeezed lemon, mussels in white wine with garlic and parsley, a leg of milk-fed lamb with oregano, garlic and lemon, roasted in the oven with potatoes. All the ingredients used are fresh from the market and our chef will reveal helpful secrets in order to obtain the authentic Greek taste.
The culinary experience will conclude with this 4 course meal, that you prepared yourselves, accompanied by a selection of excellent Greek wines, in the surroundings and atmosphere of a Greek home.
An experience that engages all the senses!

Day 3

Sense the Aegean Sea in our Private Yacht – the Liu Huan experience
Yachting cruise in the Saronic Gulf by a luxury private motor yacht: Following the same itinerary that My Odyssey designed for Liu Huan and his family, A 20 meter luxury private motor yacht will take you to Hydra: a wonderful little town, hidden in a small, natural harbor. The Town of Hydra has been declared to be a traditional and protected settlement, full of beautiful mansions built during the 19th century by wealthy ship owners and merchants. Cars are not allowed, so enjoy a Donkey ride through the narrow alleyways.

“Riding a Donkey in Hydra– it’s an incomparable sensation…”
Then sail to Spetses Island, a popular weekend destination for the Athenians due to its closeness to Athens; a picturesque and historic island with a long naval tradition and rich heritage and culture. Enjoy lunch and wine on the deck of your private yacht before sailing of towards Nafplion town’s port in the afternoon. Ancient walls, medieval castles, monuments and statues, fountains and neoclassical building mesmerize the visitor with their unique architecture and beauty. My Odyssey will select for you the most beautiful rooms in the Nafplia Palace Villas.
Private dinner in the Nafplion Museum
One of the most important museums in Europe, and the Museum which was awarded the "European Museum of the Year” Award will open its doors for a private viewing of its precious artifacts only for it’s My Odyssey guests. The Museum has a rich collection of approximately 27,000 items: textiles, jewelry, costumes, traditional music and utensils, toys, prints and an important photographic, audio and film archive. Within these surroundings you will enjoy a private dinner specially prepared for you by the prized Swiss chef Markus Walser, a former private chef for many Greek ship owners and tycoons.

Day 4

Greece from above
Helicopter view of Olympia, Epidaurus, Meteora - unique picture opportunity for very few

Only the very few can fly by helicopter from the Nafplia Villas over the Ancient theater of Epidaurus and the archaeological site of Mycenae. My Odyssey has obtained special permission to fly low and obtain breath taking photographs of these famous monuments. Continue flying over the famous vineyards of Nemea where the famous Greek red wine is produced and finally land at Olympia, the ancient city known for having been the site of the Olympic Games in classical times, the most famous games in history. Together we will visit the archaeological site of Olympia to discover the story behind these monuments. Lunch will be provided at a traditional local tavern,
Discover the most breathtaking views from above in Meteora, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
The helicopter flight will continue further north to land in Meteora. This is a region of almost inaccessible peaks where monks built their monasteries after the 11th century onwards. “Suspended in the air” as is the meaning of Meteora in Greek, these monasteries represent examples of meditation, prayer and retreat.
The day will end with a late afternoon flight to Delphi, to check in to a beautiful mountain hotel, the “Santa Marina Spa” hotel. After a long day of sight seeing and breathtaking moments enjoy a relaxing Spa treatment, courtesy of My Odyssey, and a beautiful dinner at the hotel’s restaurant.

Day 5

Delphi, the place that the Ancient Greeks regarded as the navel of the world
Today you will be guided through the archaeological site of Delphi & the Delphi museum. This is were the oracle of Apollo spoke, and were the “ navel of the world” was. Back in the 6th century B.C. it was the religious center and symbol of unity of the ancient Greek world.
On the way back to Athens by private car, we will drive you through Marathon, where the famous battle of Marathon took place in 490BC. This is where the outnumbered Athenian army defeated the Persians.
Plant and name your own Olive Tree – it will live for over 500 years!
My Odyssey will help you leave your own heritage at this sacred historical site by planting your own baby Olive Tree in Marathon.
Enjoy a late afternoon arrival back to the Grand Bretagne Hotel. Once you have rested, let us take a short walk through the streets of Kolonaki, to enjoy dinner an the trendy and famous Japanesse restaurant.

Day 6

Mykonos White and Blue – picture it from above by private jet and experience it!

On the Sixth day, travel the way the famous Actress Huo Siyan did to the two Most Famous Greek islands, Mykonos and Santorini. First you will fly by private plane to the most cosmopolitan island of the Cycladic islands. This is where Celebrities, famous people and wealthy individuals mingle together to enjoy the sun, the beautiful beaches the history, the luxury hotels and restaurants. Walk among the cube-shaped houses of the labyrinth town and have lunch in a traditional restaurant.
Santorini: The most Romantic place in the world – Fall in love…!

Later in the day fly in the same private plane to Santorini, the precious gem of the Aegean, where you will experience for yourself the once in a life time romance and charm of this island. The plane will fly low to let you take areal photos of this unique volcanic island where the villages are perched high up on the edge of the caldera; From your Hotel suite, you will admire the breathtaking views out over the Aegean sea. With MyOdyssey’s guidance you will enjoy a tour of the island by private car to discover the traditional atmosphere of the villages, the vineyards, the whitewashed cliff top towns and of course the locations My Odyssey selected for the “Beijing Love Story” movie to be shot ; The day will conclude with dinner at a delicious restaurant where you will experience traditional products and exceptional local wines. A true gastronomic experience.

Day 7

Today we shall start by visiting Akrotiri, which means “the Cape”; an insight private visit of the oldest and best-preserved bronze-age village in Europe by a professional guide with a degree in archaeology and experience in excavations. Ancient Akrotiri provides a rare glimpse into urban life in the Minoan period. Its elaborate architecture and vivid frescoes demonstrate the high level of culture on ancient Santorini. It has been estimated that the 40 buildings uncovered so far account for only 1/30th of the huge site.

Great Wines in Private – sensational wine tasting experience
We shall continue to discover the secrets of winemaking, and sensational wine tasting experience in Santorini, an island known for its unique wines because of the ample sunshine and the unique volcanic soil. Embark on a wine adventure in a real winery guided by MyOdyssey’s experienced Sommelier. Lunch will also be held in the winery.
Best Sunset ever, Oia, Santorini – feel your heart…no words can describe!
For your last evening in Greece, we reserved an afternoon in “Paradise on Earth”. Oia, a small town perched on the tip of the cliff, with it’s white painted houses and blue domed churches has become the most photographed town in Greece. Oia offers breathtaking views of the Caldera and the Aegean sea, and the best sunset in the world!

“I fell in love with Greece” thanks to MyOdyssey: Actress Huo Siyan
With this feeling of happiness and fulfillment you will flight back to Athens on the private plane to return back to the Grand Bretagne hotel for your last evening in Greece.

Day 8

It was our pleasure to have shared with you (during your visit) some of the beauties and exclusivities of our country. We believe you will be returning back home fulfilled, re-energized and more in love with life. We hope that you will often look back to this adventure MyOdyssey organized exclusively for you with fond memories and that you will share your experience with others. We look forward to serving you again one day.
Your plane for China will be leaving today. Your transportation in a private car or mini van will take you to the Athens International Airport. Enjoy your flight.