Three crown jewels of the Aegean, basking in its magical light and refreshing wind, ornamented by distinctive architecture; picture-perfect islands with a character and a personality of their own.

Built between two hills, Syros is on display from the visitor’s first step out of the boat. A picturesque harbour – the prologue to a serene exploration of cobblestone streets, neoclassic manors, churches and beaches, side-by-side with a lively town, packed with cafes, bars and restaurants.
In Tinos, both the mood and the colours change. Lime rules over white houses and stone walkways, and, since this is the Island of the Virgin Mary, the overall tone is religious, dominated by legends of the miraculous healings attributed to the sacred icon, located in the landmark church, The Dormition of the Virgin Mary, which receives hundreds of thousands of visitors and pilgrims every year. The mountains around Pyrgos are full of a rare, beautiful green marble. Discovering “the other side” of Tinos – the villages and beaches, is a challenge.

And then, it’s Paros, beauty close to perfection, with a well-deserved reputation as a “party island,” making it a rival to Mykonos, but with its own steady stream of fans, most of them returning guests, many times over. Ideal for daily explorations by boat, perfect for dining and partying by night and a worldwide famous location for wind surfing.


Syros–Tinos–Paros Must See

  1. Paros’ Kastro, right above the harbour. A castle built of marble and the pillars of ancient ruins.
  2. Naoussa, which, over and above its natural charm, is also a capital of culinary temptations, offers many choices for an unforgettable meal next to the water.
  3. Tinos’ Volax village, a surreal, lunar landscape in the centre of the island, with boulders as big as multi-story buildings, and a one-of-a-kind architecture, the signature of Tarambado with is famous Pigeon Towers (more than a thousand of them) and the villages which are connected to each other with stone walkways.
  4. In the town of Upper Syros, this medieval fortress town is home to an array of small, humble yet perfect tavernas.

Syros–Tinos–Paros Must Taste

  1. The louza of Tinos, labelled as “best sausage in Greece” and the island’s cheeses. The local specialty is “fourtalia,” a mouth-watering blend of egg, sausage and fries.
  2. The spicy San Michali cheese of Syros, which also produces a very special kind of capers.
  3. Paros’s selection of cheeses, wines and its famous pure, thyme honey.
  4. Calamari stuffed with rice at some nice seaside taverna in Paros.

Syros–Tinos–Paros Must Do

  1. he Butterfly Valley in Paros, with its lush green landscape, crystal clear brooks and thousands of red butterflies.
  2. A spectacular helicopter flight. Marvel at the immaculate coastline and the cinematically structured towns.
  3. Windsurf at Paros’ Golden Coast, where the wind and surf are worshiped by international aficionados of the sport, a locale selected for the World Championships, many times over.

4/A stroll around the village of Pyrgos in Tinos and a visit to the museum of Yannoulis Halepas, packed with unique marble sculptures.